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Expat Agents works closely together with HR consultants from Munich based international companies to ensure that their expats (and families) are supported during the transition to Munich. As no expat is the same we provide made-to-measure services to fit the specific needs. Together with HR we will come up with a program that not only makes the expat happy but also minimizes the time HR has to spend on looking after the needs of expats and their families. Read More

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Expats Agents is the only website that offers one central place for workshops in Munich that are in English. Newcomers to Munich are often looking for things to do, but often to not yet speak German. Our Workshops & Events in English provide the solution to this problem. The Workshops & Events overview on our website includes something for everyone. When looking for leisure opportunities in English, this is where expats will find you! Read More

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The Expat Agent English Directory is the place in Munich for businesses that can provide their services in English. Expat Agents is the online resource and information source for expatriates (international employees) in Munich who prefer to receive services in English. There are currently around 12.000 Expats living in Munich, whose first language is English plus approximately 30.000 who speak English as a second language looking for services to meet their needs. Read More