The "I love Munich" Tour

This Inspirational Tour will take you to our favorite spots of Munich. We will either go by bike or by public transportation, depending on the weather. Is there anything you are looking for specifically? Let us know beforehand and we will research the best spots. This Tour is all about the hidden, and not so hidden treasures of Munich. Designed for people who just moved to Munich! Contact us for more information. Love, the Agents.

Date: 01.09.2014
Time schedule:
This tour can be booked either individually or in a small group. It takes 4 hours and includes a break with coffee and cake. The tour must be booked in advance, and can take place on any day of the week, except Mondays.
Location: Lovely Munich
Price: €45 per person.
Discount price for Expat Agents Members:
Contact Person: Barbara Bijvank
Telephone: 0176-38234841
Payment-details: In cash on the day of the tour