About Expat Agents

Expat Agents was founded with the aim to help expats with the process of making Munich home. Because of our longtime experience working with and alongside expats we know that life is so much more enjoyable when you have a support network around you during your international adventure. Following this conclusion it is our mission to provide personal support, inspiring opportunities and an easy way to meet people, affordable for everyone.

With our passion for working with people, our experience with organizing events, our knowledge of Munich and our aspiration to help others be happy in Munich we are Your Experts in Town!

About Barbara

Barbara was born in the Netherlands but grew up in Oman. During her studies she lived in the USA, Canada and Surinam. Currently she is living in and loving Munich. As a communication advisor, she has extensive experience in planning and managing events and projects. Her international upbringing and experiences, her passion for discovering & exploring and her optimism make her the contact person you wish to have to help you through your initial hurdles of making Munich home.

About Elisabeth

Elisabeth grew up in Spain in an expat family, studied in Vienna and moved to Munich 16 years ago. In this great city she built up her own language school, where she not only taught German to expats but also offered them a support network, a welcoming environment for assistance and help with everyday issues. With the experience gained teaching and organizing events & get-togethers for her students she discovered her passion for connecting and supporting people. Her welcoming and friendly attitude makes her the contact person in town to help you make Munich home.